Basic level stats

Build time: 5 days (approx)
Tools: Unity Pro Builder
Format: PVE
Player count: 1


For the November Itch.io gamejam, the theme was "cliche", so our team decided to make a toy tank game with a toybox aesthetic.

Originally the idea was to have the player tank be able to swap gravity direction, which informed a lot of my initial pen and paper design. My level contribution is a simple level following the theme of the "history of aviation", as I felt it was the ideal setting to have both a tank and aerial components in a toy formfactor. In the end I had a to strip back a lot of what I had planned due to missing mechanics, but I repurposed assets into the final product.

This was my first attempt with Unity's Pro Builder and terrain tools, both of which I picked up rather quickly.


The map was designed and broken up into three distinct themes of aviation; past, present and future. This helped me manage the development of the level and tell a story of progression as the player fights through it.