Joshua Ellis

Hi, I'm Josh, a passionate level designer at Gunzilla Games, currently developing the AAA title 'Off the Grid'.

My background in Computer Science, coupled with a lifelong love for sci-fi and sandbox games, fuels my creativity in designing open-world experiences.

From my childhood days with Lego to professional projects, my focus on modularity and production is central to my work. I take pride in streamlining processes for my team and crafting vast, iconic locations.

Joshua Ellis


Gunzilla Games - Junior Level Designer - (current)

For 'Off the Grid', a sci-fi Battle Royale, I design varied and engaging game locations and landmarks, leveraging the game's unique cyber-limb mechanics. I also manage an extensive array of kitbash elements and prefabs, enhancing our development process. Collaborating closely with the art department, I ensure new kits align with our production standards.

Imagination Technologies - Documentation & Deployment Engineer

I was responsible for communicating our engineers' advanced software techniques to the public, through whitepapers, blog posts, and documentation. I also contributed to overhauling the documentation pipeline.

Joshua Ellis


Trinh Nguyen (Senior Level Designer for OTG):

Joshua is a fantastic level designer. I had the pleasure to Mentor him at Gunzilla. Joshua is a quick learner and a bright person that is very pipeline orientated. His previous experiences as a C++ programmer and his extensive knowledge of modular modeling, allows him to understand project constrains on a more advanced level. This allows him to anticipate potential bottlenecks and fix them on the go.

Manuel Escorza (Mid Level Designer for OTG):

I worked with Joshua on several levels during our time at Gunzilla Games. Joshua is a very technically skilled individual that excels at modular workflows and creating pipelines to bring the level and art teams together. He is also a great co-worker and team player capable of adapting to changing requirements and situations inside the project.


Sheffield Hallam University - Computer Science for Games (First Class Honors).

During this time I worked on the Arkode Games brand, where I fully developed my C++, UE4/Blueprints, writing and project management skills. As an indie developer I had to dive into every aspect of the game and business development process.

Arkode Games

Joshua Ellis

Arkode Games was co-founded in July of 2019 by myself (Joshua Ellis) and Joshua Matthews during placement year.

While Matthews handled branding and game-art, I launched the Arkode Developer Hub (Discord) while working on our main project 'IsoEngine'; a medieval sandbox game featuring voxel terrain and level editing tools.

After placement year, Matthews left to continue his studies, leaving me to carry the brand forward. Since then, I've completely revamped the IsoEngine and our social media pages, including this website, to better reflect my vision.

Developer Hub

The Arkode Developer Hub is a collaboration and mentoring community on Discord with members from all around the world! It was important for me to continue the mentoring done during university, so created a multi-disciplinary computer science server. To date it has served 300+ members.

I have since taken a step back from running the server, which now falls to a talented mod team who continue the server's spirit to this day.