Editors Note

Below is a highlight of my most recent work, and is far from all of it! I have designed a years worth of Arma 3 missions/levels for a weekly playgroup of around 20 concurrent players. I also have experience with Blender, Unity, UE4/5 and Bohemia's Enfusion engine. I've even built my own powerful map editor and designer tools using C++ and UE4.

Due to my background in programming and information management, I bring an additional set of skills that are great for methodical experience design. I've demonstrated this skill-set in my Pillar of Autumn analysis, which I am using to re-imagine the level for the modern day.

Level Design

Off the Grid



OTG Logo

OTG is a third person cyberpunk battle-royale co-designed by film director Neil Blomkamp

I've had a blast creating open world spaces and landmarks for this game, with some highlights being Stork City, Charging stations, and Bonded docks (which I had heavy involvement in owning and defining).

In addition to designing playable spaces, my specialty within the team is to create and define modular systems and kits for use in rapid prototyping.

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Pillar of Autumn



Pillar of Autumn thumbnail

Halo CE's first level; The Pillar of Autumn, was a childhood favorite, so I've re-imagined the level's assets within Arma Reforger.

I've created a highly modular asset pack in Blender for the utmost flexibility and fast layout iteration. I'm using this flexibility to brainstorm ideas for alternative play-spaces such as a multiplayer layout inspired by a section of the campaign.

I'm also in the process of building an adjusted version of original level to accommodate Reforger's gameplay mechanics, and fix continuity issues while remaining faithful to the pacing of the original level.

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Sci-fi city



Megacity thumbnail

To practice working at a larger scale, I've built-out a complex Sci-fi themed city

The entire space is playable and built for a wide range of traversal options, including parkour, ground vehicles, and aircraft.

It is designed in such a way that sections can be blocked with ease, allowing for a more linear level flow if desired, with the space currently being used for a multi-episode campaign for my weekly playgroup.

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Sci-fi airfield



This map is a fantastic showcase of one of my campaign introductions, made for and played by over 20 concurrent players.

It features hundreds of hand-placed buildings, objects, vehicles and VFX, and according to our player feedback form was an absolute blast to play.

The shipyard itself is highly interconnected and non linear while still providing a strong visual anchor. It's for this reason that another member of the community is attempting to convert it into a PVP arena for capture the flag.

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Sci-fi dockyard



Shipping hub

To practice level design with a tight turnaround I was given a work brief with a 3 day deadline.

The brief was to create an 8v8 deathmatch map with the theme of a cyberpunk dockyard. Additional requirements were overhead cranes, multiple container styles, an interactive lift and another interactive element of my choice.

I am very proud of the unique blockout I've created in such a short period, as well as some of the interesting design choices packed in.

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Toybox Tanks



Toy tanks thumbnail

For the Itch.io November Game-Off I and 3 others made a small game based on the theme "Cliche". To complement this theme we built a third person toy tank game.

I built a single level for this project, set inside of a museum display cabinet. My guiding phrase for this cabinet was the "history of aviation", and was a great opportunity to get to grips with terrain tools.

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The 86th archives



Far Isle thumbnail

This is a collection of lesser examples of my work for the 86th play-group, spread across 3 live-service campaigns.

While mostly small-scale set-pieces, I've also produced several narrative elements, such as audio-files, text-logs, and accompanying scripted events.

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Programming / Scripting

Level editor



IsoEngine thumbnail

This project is the culmination of my university programming practice and business development gap year.

As Arkode Games' first project, the goal was to build a sandbox RPG with small levels, but the vision has been re-focused towards PVE and PVP, with bigger maps.

Feature overview:

- Unique take on a voxel engine
- Accessible level editor
- Real-time A* pathing
- Basic PVE/EVE combat
- Real-time terrain deformation

Learn more... (TBD) Download demo pack (.zip)

AI Ecosystem tools



IsoEngine thumbnail

As an extension to my IsoEngine project, I wanted to overhaul my convoluted asset setup interface in preparation for implementing an ecosystem of AI.

I replaced it with a user-friendly database-like system, providing designers incredible flexibility over the data driven nature of animals and objects available in the level editor.

Learn more... (TBD) Download implementation paper (TBD)

Multiplayer edition



IsoEngine thumbnail

During my university multiplayer networking module, I had to remake a simple game. Coincidentally my housemates had been playing Yoshi, which had just re-released on Switch.

I rebuilt the game as a PVP score battle, implementing automatic joining, custom packet synchronization, a score system, and the ability to interact with your opponents side of the board. It actually ended up being really fun to play with friends, and I'm quite proud of the simplicity in mechanics.

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This website!




This website has been many iterations in the making, with my CSS tricks list growing along with my design skills. I always draw a lot of inspiration from minimalism and love colorful pallettes.

I decided to use pure HTML and CSS for this site, as I prefer the simplicity and lightweight nature of not using libraries or kits. I've had to use some obscure CSS tricks along the way, and that's part of the fun. It forces you to write clean code and more frequently consider accessibility (something site builders often get wrong).

Community management


Arkode Developer Hub

I've managed four communities at various levels of responsibility and intensity.

Firstly there's my two personal projects, The "Arkode Software Developer Hub" and my Pillar of Autumn mod's Discord server. They have 400+ combined users.

Then, there is the 86th STB, for which I am the head of player experience and an admin/moderator across socials.

Lastly, I maintained, moderated and uploaded content to Imagination Technology's developer pages and social media accounts.

Imagination Tech




Due to my technical ability and time writing articles for Arkode, I was approached prior to my graduation about a role at Imagination Technologies, which is a graphics chip IP company.

I was a Documentation & Deployment Engineer on the PVR Developer Technology team, ensuring our engineers' hard work was digested and communicated to the public through various means.

On top of this, I and my colleague spearheaded efforts to transform our internal processes, converting our docs formats to markdown, moving all of our files to GitHub, and automating key areas of our docs website's build process (via Jenkins).